About this site

This website was created by me to have a single place to download all the great Raceday items that the users were contributing. I'd find that I liked a reference, like a scoring sheet, but once I used my printed copy, I could never remember where I found it to print more.

Because of this, I created a this website to have a one-stop shop. So far, it's working great!!

Who makes these great files?

All of the files here are contributed by others. I have created NONE of them but I have printed many of them and love to use them!

Who runs this site?

My name is Morgan. I have 4 kids and they all love to play Race Day. Most of them can beat me at any time. It's most embarassing when it's the 7-year old (she's 14 now...) that does it, though.

Who pays for this site?

Initially, this site piggy-backed the site my wife has for her card business. It got to the point where there were too many files to fill her limited webspace, so we held a fund-raiser. Thanks to the generous donations of players, we upgraded to a new host and a new domain name. Now we have 5gb of space just waiting for your files!!

What next?

That remains to be seen... Do you have any suggestions?